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The GEO group of companies was created by a group of managers with the aim of combining the efforts of small innovative enterprises and groups of specialists to create modern geotechnologies, high-tech equipment and equipment for the oil and gas industry, which could successfully compete in the market with similar imported products.

The process of forming the holding began in 2006 and was fully completed in 2011. In a sense, the new company can be considered young, but its experience is a united path of experienced professionals. And today the holding “Group of Companies“ GEO ”is one of the Russian leaders in the area where, in essence, it is not easy to keep the lead. The holding has gradually united several enterprises engaged in research, production of equipment and service. Such a combination made it possible to optimally manage the creation of new equipment at all stages - from setting a task to testing and serial production, and also allowed integrating the efforts of experienced highly qualified specialists: designers, electronics, programmers, technologists, managers.  Currently, the GEO Group of Companies comprises five companies, each of which solves its own set of tasks to achieve a common goal. Manufactured technologies for directional drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD), equipment and special equipment for well logging are import-substituting products that are comparable to the developments of foreign companies in quality and functionality, successfully competing in price.


Closed Joint Stock Company “Group of Companies“ GEO ”is registered in Moscow and carries out management and administration of subsidiaries located in different parts of the CIS.

Research and Production Association "Geomash"

Experimental Design Bureau "Reri"
Novosibirsk city


Одно из главных преимуществ «Группы «ГЕО» – простота ее структуры, и, как следствие, – скорость и мобильность принятия решений. Подписание контрактов и согласование с акционерами происходят в кратчайшие сроки. Совет собирается раз в квартал, и авторитарное принятие решений на нем исключено. Все акционеры являются действующими менеджерами, которые сами вырабатывают рыночную, технологическую и производственную политику и сами ее реализуют на практике. Это является гарантией жизнеспособности и успешности Группы Компаний.

Если говорить о распределении сил, – то основные производственные мощности компании сосредоточены в г. Тюмени, опытно-конструкторские бюро расположены в Киеве и Новосибирске, сервисные компании находятся г. Мегионе. Такая широкая география обусловлена историей становления компании, которая постепенно присоединяла к себе новые подразделения.

Несколько лет деятельности показали правильность выбранной стратегии – несмотря на неблагоприятные внешнеэкономические факторы ГК «ГЕО» уверенно идет вперед. Ее клиенты по доступной цене получают аппаратуру и оборудование, исполненные на высоком техническом уровне. Линейка продукции компании довольно широка – и такое диверсифицированное производство позволяет производству работать без остановок и оптимально загружать производственные мощности в течении года.

Руководство компании

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  • Tristan Malanya

    Tristan Malanya


  • Bogdan Zaslavsky

    Bogdan Zaslavsky

    Chief Engineer GEOGROUP

  • Vladimir Kazak

    Vladimir Kazak

    Chief Business Officer & Chairman of the Board GEOGROUP

  • Alexey Okunev

    Alexey Okunev

    Managing Director GEOMASH

  • Bragina Rufina

    Bragina Rufina

    "Group of companies GEO" Director for Economics and Finance

  • Ivan Kungurov

    Ivan Kungurov

    Chief Engineer GEOMASH

  • Fisenko Aleksey

    Fisenko Aleksey


история и миссия


In the 90s, a crisis in the geophysical industry erupted in Russia - Russian companies could not compete with foreign ones and lost to them. The fight against it went on with varying success - organizations united, changed, ceased to exist. Many highly qualified specialists have solved the problem by creating their own small firms with a narrow specialization. These are the companies that GEO Group of Companies united. The stake was made on the fact that it is easier for a holding with an extensive resource base to “survive” and develop. The calculation turned out to be correct.

General Director of GEO Group Malania T.G. this is how the essence and mission of the GEO Group stands for “If we compare it with the world market, then, of course, we are not yet doing something cardinally new, but within Russia we are still making small revolutions. We work with technologies that no one else in the country possesses - we analyze what is most in demand in the oilfield services market, for example, in the segment of directional drilling, research in horizontal wells, we carry out a full cycle of R&D and offer all interested companies to purchase ready-made technologies or rent equipment for a while fulfillment of the contract.

Yes, foreign companies have these developments, but they do not sell them to external consumers. Our difference is that we sell products to everyone, without exception. Our products are available to those who want to successfully compete in the oilfield services market.

We consider one of our "super tasks" to revive the geophysical instrumentation, which has been in decline for a long time. Our employees include first-class specialists and excellent managers with vast experience and knowledge of all the nuances of geophysics. Our goal is not to make instant profits, but to build a strong company, one of the leaders in the industry with a stable income, where there would be excellent conditions for all employees. "


One of the most important factors that ensures the company's success in the market is the high quality of its products. The GEO Group of Companies is constantly working to improve quality.

The company practices operational quality control: all the necessary procedures are prescribed and strictly followed. When purchasing components and materials, mandatory incoming control is carried out. Testing plays an important role in product quality control. For this, the GEO Group of Companies has created a special testing laboratory equipped with the appropriate equipment. In particular, all the downhole equipment manufactured by GEO Group of Companies goes through thermal, baro- and vibration tests. After the products are shipped, a dedicated service interacts with customers and monitors the reliability of the products. All these procedures are carried out in accordance with the quality management system GOST R ISO 9000: 200

The nearest plans of the GEO Group of Companies are to provide the Russian oilfield services market with high-tech, competitive instruments and equipment for directional drilling, exploration of horizontal wells and means of delivery to them of various geophysical instruments and equipment that are not produced in Russia, thereby providing an opportunity for a breakthrough for Russian service companies. in this segment. The medium-term plans include a full-scale entry into the markets of Central Asia and the Middle East.

​We are confident that our efforts to develop Russian technologies will find support from domestic companies using similar foreign technologies.


One of the advantages of the GEO Group of Companies is the ownership of large production facilities, which makes it possible to reduce the delivery time of equipment and control its quality.

Today the GEO Group of Companies has workshops for the production of special equipment, downhole equipment and perforation systems. At the moment, the construction of another workshop has been completed, into which it is planned to transfer the production of special equipment. Thus, the area of ​​production facilities will be over 4000 m2.

The list of production facilities of GEO Group includes a large number of imported machine tools, which allow high-quality and fast implementation of a busy production program and provide support for research and development work. Among them are CNC milling centers, imported lathes, a BYSTRONIC laser cutting complex, an AMADA bending machine, a pipe machine with a CNC milling function, a skellop machine and others.

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Company GEO Group of Companies is registered in Moscow and manages and manages subsidiaries located in different parts of the CIS.